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ScaleFT plans to make managing public clouds safer

ScaleFT, a new DevOps startup founded by a number of former Rackspace executives and engineers, today announced that it has raised an $800,000 seed round with a strategic investment by Rackspace and participation from a number of angel investors, including CoreOS CEO Alex Polvi (who himself previously worked at Rackspace). It’s no secret that Rackspace wants […]

Gmail to let users email cash

It’s the social situation we all try to avoid; forgetting to pay someone back because we don’t have any cash, or that card reader thingie, to do it online. Well Google are having a go at making debt settling easier, by allowing users to transfer funds on email. It’s coming in over the next few […]

ICT Kenya: 2014 year in review

Online shopping grew Competition in online shopping grew with entrants in the nascent sector curving different niche to remain competitive. Among the notable niche include dealers of used goods, brand new items, music. An online data based was developed by Private security firm, KK security and online classifieds company, OLX, to tame spiraling cyber crime […]

7 biggest tech fails of 2014

1) Matatu Cashless Payment System: Of-course this had to make the round-up. Kenyan authorities tried to ensure that we have a cashless payment system, the deadline of which was postponed several times. Maybe next year the Kenyan government & stakeholders will have better luck. 2) Facebook Paper: Facebook Paper was a flop. Though it was […]

The year 2014 in tech

January Marissa Mayer became Yahoo CEO. February WWE Network was launched. Facebook bought whatsapp for $19 billion. March Yu was bought-out by Safaricom and Airtel. April Safaricom discontinued the unlimited internet bundle citing overuse of the service by a few users who would stretch the service to the limit, leaving the rest of the users […]

Top 5 hashtags of 2014

Kenyans are always on Twitter, and in 2014, they made their voice heard on Twitter with the following top trending hashtags: #BabaWhileYouWereAway #StopTheDrunkPresident #MyDressMyChoice #DeadBeatKenya #OccupyHarambeeAve Which was your favourite? Leave a comment.

Career choices you will regret in 20 years

Every day we are faced with choices in our careers that will affect us over the long term. Should I volunteer for that new project? Should I ask for a raise? Should I take a sabbatical? Should I say yes to overtime? But sometimes we miss the biggest choices that will cause us to look […]