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DSTV compelled to share English Premier League airing rights

Star Times, Zuku and other Pay Tv providers in the country will begin sharing the exclusive rights to air English Premium League(EPL) and local high-end games from August under a new commercial arrangement by communication authority of Kenya. The cost of accessing the premium content is also set to significantly come down as the Authority […]

Does a business name really matter?

Establishing your business name is a big deal. Not only will it be the mark and identifier that you will promote for the rest of your business’ life, but it can also say a lot about who you are, what era you were established and how forward-thinking you are. Your business name says a lot […]

Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business. What does this mean anyway? Let me explain. Working in your business includes providing services, selling products, scheduling appointments, managing employees, general upkeep, and so on. It encompasses all the things that have to be done every day to keep your business running. Working on your business […]

Kenya turns to online tourism marketing

Kenya has approached top global experts in online tourism in a new move to help dispense negative sentiments about the tourism industry by building website traffic with positive information to grow bookings. The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) has invited Trip Advisor, Expedia and Facebook officials for a two-day regional conference on e-tourism to guide local […]

Why successful people are rarely accessible

Chris Lema recently wrote a post about being less accessible in order to be more successful in your work. In a nutshell, he cited that successful people have boundaries: They don’t work for free. They don’t work for just anyone. They’re picky. They’re selective. They don’t let themselves be interrupted. They create barriers to entry. […]

Website analytics 101: Why you need website analytics reports

As a website owner, it is essential that you understand your website visitor’s behaviour. Several ways exist for doing this, such as using tools available on your domain’s control panel such as Awstats. But by far the most effective I have seen is Google Analytics. So let’s delve straight into website analytics 101 for website […]