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Why You Should Be Self-Employed

1.  You’re the boss. You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It’s the one we all dreamed about when we realized self-employment was a viable option: being our own boss. Escaping the rat race and living life as we pleased. Remember that? When you’re self-employed, you no longer have “higher powers” governing your every […]

BitTorent site, isoHunt to shut down on 23rd October

BitTorrent site, isoHunt is set to wind up this week after losing a 7-year court battle with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) that alleged that isoHunt had enabled copyright infringement. The court settlement requires isoHunt to pay $110 million and bars Gary Fung from “further profiting from the infringement of MPAA member studio content.” […]

Kenyaat-50.co.ke, Really?

On 20th October 2013, Kenya celebrated Mashujaa Day (“Heroes Day”) and launched the Kenya at 50 website. As curiosity would have it, I immediately logged onto the website to have a look (“criticize”). Here’s what I found. 1) Essential Information Left Out: Sometimes it’s what bad design leaves out, not what it puts in, that […]

Simple steps to finding your business passion

A lot of people out there desire to own their own businesses. However, they feel challenged when it comes to deciding what business to pursue. They find that there are so many businesses that they can do but they have to pick one and few of them know which to pick. It takes time to […]

6 Reasons Smartphones Won’t Replace Our Brains

There’s not much need to memorize anything anymore. Ask a high-schooler today to rattle off our former presidents or the periodic table, and you’ll get a blank stare—or a “Sure, let me grab my phone.” Google is always available. And when’s the last time you had to memorize a phone number? But we’ll never consult […]

The River Road of Kenyan website design

With the hard economic times hitting Kenyans, a market that provides cheap and quick product is without a doubt acceptable to all. River road is a term that has increasingly become synonymous with cheap and ready markets. From forged university certificates to human body parts, the street is a haven for everything. Even technology has […]


Adobe Creative Day

Adobe Africa will hold a creative day in Nairobi on 30 July 2013 to teach the latest innovation in Adobe Creative Cloud and explore multiple facets of creativity. Whether one is a designer, photographer, web designer or videographer, you will be able to connect with your peers to exchange creative ideas, listen to and ask […]