Most Generation Z’s (youth born between 1995 and early 2000s) have most probably never posted a letter, read a newspaper, used a library referencing system, looked up a number in a telephone directory, rented a VCR, endured a broadcaster’s choice of viewing schedule, bought or used a CD, used a mobile phone with a numeric keypad or built-in camera.

They’ve never known life without the internet or social media.

Technology has empowered them to do things that no other generations before them could. Access to information online has reduced their dependency on traditional teaching methods and entertainment.

They ‘hang out’ on social media, fall in love online via dating apps, shop online, get news online and learn online.

They’re responsible for disruption in almost every industry you can think of.

But despite all this, few businesses actually focus on Generation Z. They see them as consumers of the future while neglecting their influence over purchasing decisions in their households today.

When buying Gen Z’s trust internet reviews far more than advice from friends or family.

They prefer to live at home with their parents and put off significant milestones in life like marriage and children. Gen Z’s are reluctant to buy items such as cars, music and luxury goods and instead prefer to rent them or find other ways to use them without owning them.

Gen Z’s are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come.

So what’s your business doing to ensure you capture their attention?

What is an email newsletter?

A email newsletter is the cheapest form of marketing available to any business. It successfully targets customers who have interacted with your company while building a connection to future developments and products.

However, there’s always more you do to gain from your newsletter. Here are five ways of capitalising on the opportunity.

1) Give your newsletter a permanent space

Allowing your newsletter to stay on the site rather than just disappearing down inbox lists is a brilliant way to make more from it. This could be tied to a website’s blog or an individual page. It also gives anyone viewing your website a chance to see why they should subscribe to future releases and catch up on your latest news.

Remember to include a subscription space on this page to allow viewers to supply you with their email addresses. Building an audience in this way is a fantastic step on the way to developing a loyal fan base that will use your business time and again.

Archiving your newsletter is also a great boost to your SEO efforts and written pieces could effectively end up increasing traffic to your site. If you want to make the most of this aspect, attempt to give each newsletter a specific product or theme.

2) Custom design your newsletter

While there’s nothing wrong with using a template designed by whatever software you use for your email marketing, it will do little to help you stick in the minds of your customers. The main goal of a newsletter is often to build a brand and spread awareness of your business, so it is vital you take every chance to improve how you represent yourself.

It may be worth the investment of getting a newsletter professionally designed. Working with a designer to construct a format that highlights every aspect of your branding will hand you full control. This will lead to your audience seeing more of what you want them to see and remembering your brand for all the right reasons.

3) Get the promotion right

One of the simplest ways to make the most of your newsletter is to make sure it’s reaching as many people as possible. Placing subscription boxes on your homepage, social media profiles and blogs will enable anyone interested in your business to receive the news you want them to read.

Additionally, including a widget in your newsletter, tied to its permanent page on your website, will allow readers to share the information themselves. This kind of marketing is the best way to build a reputation and allows others to booster your audience for you.

4) Use all available platforms

Make sure your custom designed newsletter looks just as good on a Smartphone or a tablet as it does on a computer screen. Definitely consider designing a format specifically for mobile devices, as a large section of your audience is likely to be reading your news on these smaller screens.

It’s essential that everything is still clear, easy to read and professional on a small screen. If you can, create a streamlined version, with some of the less significant information left out, and use this one for mobile devices. Give readers the option of switching to the full version, and hopefully they will make the effort of looking at it next time they’re at a computer.

5) Include links to your social media profiles in your newsletter

Don’t just shove a social icon on your newsletter, tell people why they should follow you. Is it for articles, quotes, discounts, jokes, or something else? They will want to know.

What can I do get an email newsletter?

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