Tips To Maximize Use Of Social Media Images

Creating images for social media is different from creating images for blog posts or other web content. After all, when you’re posting to social media, you have just seconds to capture the attention of your audience. And get them to click on your link.

Google to tone down on display ads so you can browse faster

Google is on a quest to make online ads less obnoxious, which…
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ScaleFT plans to make managing public clouds safer

ScaleFT, a new DevOps startup founded by a number of former…
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Gmail to let users email cash

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ICT Kenya: 2014 year in review

Online shopping grew

Competition in online shopping grew with…
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7 biggest tech fails of 2014

1) Matatu Cashless Payment System: Of-course this had to make…
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The year 2014 in tech

Marissa Mayer became Yahoo CEO.

WWE Network…
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Top 5 hashtags of 2014

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Career choices you will regret in 20 years

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How to hire when everyone wants to found their own startup

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Want to be an entrepreneur? Embrace hard work and seek a formal education

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DSTV compelled to share English Premier League airing rights

Star Times, Zuku and other Pay Tv providers in the country will…
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Tecno to release Phantom Z which features an 8 core processor, Wednesday 25th June

Tecno Mobile will on Wednesday the 25th June 2014 unveil its…
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